i cant double click in reason

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Post 03 Mar 2018


i have a strange problem since the last update. i can not double click in reason. Folders, patches, editing samples, editing sequencer lane,.....
nothing with double click works.
anyone else has a similar problem?

thx in advance for your help!


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Post 03 Mar 2018

Never. But you might check your mouse settings in the OS.
:reason: 11, Win10 64Bit.

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Post 03 Mar 2018

outside reason all was fine!

i got the problem solved, i bought a new second monitor from samsung (U28E590D) and installed the easy setting box.
with this software installed i cant doubleclick in reason (and it only affected reason).
desinstalled => all works fine again.


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Post 22 Dec 2020

Dude I cannot TELL you how useful this has been! I've been clicking around on the web trying to work out why I couldn't rename tracks and use the TMA commentator in reason and it was driving me ABSOLUTELY UP THE BLOODY WALL! And lo and behold, it was the damn easy settings box. Thank you SO MUCH! The relief is extreme. Merry Christmas dude and thank god for this forum.

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