When to Rewire ... useful for MPE (e.g. Roli Seaboard) and microtonal tunings

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17 Dec 2017

The story so far:

Last summer I planned to write an RE for advanced microtonal tunings (far beyond what MicroTuner by Ochen K. can do).

Recently I bought Alt-Tuner by Tall Kite http://www.tallkite.com/alt-tuner.html and this plugin runs in Reaper and the output of this plugin is mutichannel MIDI (similar to MPE produced by controllers like Roli Seaboard, Linnstrument or TouchKeys).

My experience so far is:

It's astoundingly easy to route multichannel MIDI from a Rewire host (e.g. Reaper) to several identical synths in Reason. Wha several identical synths? Because per-note-tuning by pitchbend (and for MPE per note MIDI expression) needs the number of identical synths matching the number of polyphonic voices that will be used.

If I would do the same completely inside Reason I would need to split the MIDI data to several monophonic channels (e.g. using Distributor by Blamsoft) and an RE for microtonal tuning (the one I wanted to write or one instance of MicroTuner by Ochen K. for each polyphonic voice). Each of this channels would need at least 3 CV cables (note, gate and pitchbend) or even more for MPE (like modwheel, aftertouch or whatever an MPE controller can produce). This would result in a boring and also error prone setup procedure and I simply can avoid that by using Rewire.


I think about writing my own microtonal tuning plugin (Alt-Tuner works fine but doesn't fit all my needs) and for that I bought into Plug'n Script by Blue Cat Audio https://www.bluecataudio.com/Products/P ... ugNScript/ to develop a VST (I don't want to get bound to Reaper) and maybe I go for an MPE MIDI Controller.

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