Grain & Europa - why as REs, why such limited "backside"

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Post 24 Dec 2017

We should start a petition on or something.

This is blasphemy. Propellerhead devices must come fully supplied with advanced CV control features or else the forum will scream.

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Post 24 Dec 2017

Anyways, I thought I did remember Mattias giving some feedback on a question for the backside of Grain and Europa ( cv's specifically ) for the demo's.

I won't speak for him though. He can chime in himself.
As far as this discussion goes, I think We've beaten a dead horse. Time for Christmas - I wish You all Happy Holidays!

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Post 24 Dec 2017

I'll rephrase it for you:

Propellerheads devices don't need advanced CV if Reason's future is to be a less powerful and less capable competitor to Bitwig and Live.

I don't want that. I like Reasons Rack. As it is, 9.5 is still more inspiring than Live or Bitwig - for now. In the future, as those other DAWs get more features, Reason will need even more to capitalize on its unique appeal or get left behind.

edit: hah, bad timing. Yeah this is a dead horse. Happy Christmas, Yule and Sol Invitus to you all.

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