How do Archive your Patches and call them up quickly?

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12 Dec 2017

So I am having fun with Pulsar and Synchrounous mind blowing guitar effect possiblities.

But I'm having trouble saving them in the way I have been used to.

I'm curious what path you all choose to archive you patchs? And call them up quickly

Up unto a few month ago I was using Windows XP and Reason 6

With XP and R6 I set up a folder in Propellerheads/ Reason in my program files called Caleb's Guitar combinators or Caleb's Synth patchs.

I upgraded to Windows 7 and Reason 10 just recently

I tried to set up a similar file

and 7 and 10 said
"You don't have permission to do that"

What am I doing wrong?

How do you all store your patchs for instant recall in the browser?


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12 Dec 2017

Windows 7 restricts access to the Program Files directory by default, as a security measure. You could search for how to change permissions on the folder, though it would be simpler to just use another directory for your patches.

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12 Dec 2017

It's because in Win7 you are not logged in as an administrator, and as Sus4 mentioned, the folder permissions only allow the administrator group to change and save files in the Program files folder.

You can either change the folder permission, or save them on another location that is permitted (perhaps another drive or partition, or create a folder in the root path).

You CAN change the permissions though, it isn't that hard to do, but it isn't recommended because it will weaken the file system's overal security.
Unless you know what you're doing, you also don't want to be logged in as admin by default.

Best to just put them somewhere else, because the Program Files folder is meant for Programs, not for storing personal files.

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12 Dec 2017

Make a patch folder on the same drive where you have folders for all your songs/projects/etc. Add the patch folder (or its individual subfolders) to Reason's browser as favorites. Simple! :)

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12 Dec 2017

Thank you.

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13 Dec 2017

Your question about "quickly recalling" patches made me think of the workflow needs that I have personally. While I'm not sure how well it answers your question, I'll describe the patch bank setup that I use for quickly changing between patches for live shows.

1. I store all my patches in a "Patch Library" folder on my laptop, and I create a shortcut to it in Reason's browser.

2. I created a favorites list in Reason called "Setlist", and I drag all the patches I could possibly need at a gig from my Patch Library into that favorites list.

3. Once I know what the song order is going to be for a gig, I rearrange the patches in my "Setlist" to match the song order, and drag the first patch into the rack.

4. I have a pair of buttons set up on my MIDI controller to select either the next or previous patch available for the selected device. This allows me to quickly navigate up and down through my "Setlist".

I hope that's helpful. Happy to answer any questions if you have them. Good luck!

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13 Dec 2017

I save anything custom to a custom directory.
Reason/FL Studio.

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17 Dec 2017

Another thought that might be helpful. When mixing up instruments to get that killer effect it's worth remembering the trick of i) select all, ii) right-click, iii) select 'combine', to put the effects into a new Combinator. You can then save the whole thing as a Combinator patch. This has so many advantages compared with saving multiple patches on multiple effects.

An added advantage is you can then use the programmer feature in the Combinator to make some effective user controls. I do this so often, I'm now wishing that I could have more buttons and more rotaries on the one Combinator panel.... On top of that, it is also useful to know that
a) a single rotary or button on the Combinator panel can be 'wired' to more than one effect control.
b) The rotaries do not all have to swing from 0 to 127 - they can be set to have a much more limited effect.
c) A fun trick is to have one rotary driving two identical effects in opposite directions, with one set at say 0 to 127 and the other at 0 to -127. A good example of that is to have two RV7000 set to a peak cut in EQ mode and use a bi-lateral rotary like this to drive one up the frequency band while driving the other down the frequency band. Especially good if one RV7000 is inserted in the left channel and other in the right.....


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17 Dec 2017

I created a "Patches" folder under the Reason folder in Documents. Then I created a favorite in reason for it. But that filled up and became cluttered. So I created a number of different sub-folders like "bass, synth, drums, vocal proc, ..."
You can move patches without breaking existing songs. But if you move samples that aren't self-contained you will break songs with references to those samples. Just saying, keep that in mind when organizing.

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