Unknown Exception (Reason 8 not starting up)

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Post 12 Oct 2017

All of a sudden I can't open Reason 8 anymore. It's saying "Unknwon Exception". I might have moved the "reason" folder which is automatically created in the "My Music" folder and has no system importance (it carries the templates) and that's the only thing I would assume caused this. Another thing I did before this error started happening was install Ableton Live and Omnisphere (what if this is related?).

Anyway, I moved back the Reason folder to where it was before, I uninstalled and reinstalled again, still not opening.

Any thoughts?

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Post 12 Oct 2017

MyMusic folder says you are using Windows so assuming this...
I had a problem starting Reason after the infamous Anniversary update. After days of trying everything (including a bunch of things Props suggested) I renamed the Reason folder to Reason2. I restarted Reason and it recreated the Reason folder.. It worked after that. I can't recall if I had to reinstall rack extensions but I did not loose anything else. I kept Reason2 for a while (in case I had to go back) but I never found any purpose for keeping it. I deleted it.

Backup before doing anything like this.

On my system the folder is here:
%appdata%\Propellerhead Software\

If it does not work contact Props, one of their ideas (which are based on ASIO audio driver issues) might help you.
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Post 12 Oct 2017

SOLVED. You, my friend, are a life savior. Thanks a trillion.

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Post 22 Aug 2018

SOLVED +1 ! :thumbs_up: :thumbs_up: :thumbs_up: thank you

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Solved! by naming the folder in Program Files "blahblahblah" . "REASON2" didn't work.

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