MIDI channels in Reason

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Post 19 Jan 2023

The MIDI channel aware Codec from Koshdukai is still the way to go, sadly.

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Post 20 Jan 2023

There is though.

Code: Select all

Scope	Propellerhead Software	se.propellerheads.Complex
//	Control Surface Item	Key	Remotable Item	Scale	Mode
Map	Ch1-CC 01		Osc 1 AM Amt
Map	Ch1-CC 02		Osc 1 FM Amt
Map	Ch1-CC 03		Osc 1 Pitch
Map	Ch1-CC 04		Osc 1 Pitch Amt
Map	Ch1-CC 05		Osc 1 Shape
Map	Ch1-CC 06		Osc 1 Shape Amt
Map	Ch1-CC 07		Osc 1 Tune
Map	Ch1-CC 08		Osc 1 Wave
Map	Ch1-CC 09		Osc 2 AM Amt
Map	Ch1-CC 10		Osc 2 FM Amt
Map	Ch1-CC 11		Osc 2 Pitch

Map	Ch2-CC 01		Output Mixer 1 In
Map	Ch2-CC 02		Shaper Drive In
Map	Ch2-CC 03		Shaper Sym In
Map	Ch2-CC 04		Osc Mix In
Map	Ch2-CC 05		Lag Rate In
Map	Ch2-CC 06		Lag In
Map	Ch2-CC 07		Output Mixer 3 In
Map	Ch2-CC 08		LFO Reset In
Map	Ch2-CC 55		Osc 2 AM In
That'd mean we could in theory use Ch1 for device A, Ch2 for device B ?

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Post 22 Jan 2023

I use a lot of hardware with reason and have no issues setting up things on multiple channels. I wish there were more than 4 selections in the advanced midi but with my MRCC I make it work. The trick is setting up a template with your gear and then setting that as your default project.

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