Reason download fails.

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10 Jul 2016


My name is Nathan, and I am new to this forum.

Just today, I purchased the upgrade from Reason 6.5 to Reason 9, but have been experiencing a HUGE problem in downloading it. Thus far, I have attempted four downloads, and each of them - after an extensive period of time - resulted in 'Failed' notices.

After a little bit of research, I have read where some others suggested using a Torrent utility, by which to effectuate a more fluid, and successful downloading. I have downloaded Uttorent, but have NO idea as to how to go about putting it into action for what I need.

I would deeply appreciate help from anyone who might have a workable solution for me.

Advanced thanks,


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11 Jul 2016


You could download the Reason 9 file without the Soundbanks and then leave Reason download them by itself.
It is only 200 MB.

Read here:

Hope it helps.

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11 Jul 2016

If you are on mac for every download you do use download shuttle. This problem might not be from PH may be your ISP.
Gulale aka Bereket

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11 Jul 2016

Since you have installed utorrent.

Just use this link and it should start downloading with utorrent: ... ittorrent/

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11 Jul 2016

Thanks to each of you who responded. I really appreciate it.

Earlier today, I heard back from Propellerhead (James Lean), who also directed me to the download site that Zum had, also, linked me to. It was a familiar area, but just that I hadn't looked further down (before) to have seen a download link for just the program (sans soundbanks). I downloaded that software, on top of the very recently reinstalled Trial version. Then, when I clicked on the 'Authorize' button, I saw that authorization/licensing did INDEED take place.

So now I am sitting, in very good order, with this awesome upgrade, and readying myself to having a WHOLE LOTTA FUN :).

Again, my thankfulness is huge.

God Bless,

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12 Jul 2016

Just fyi the trial version is in fact the full version witthout authorization.

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12 Jul 2016

+1 for the torrent method. No need to worry about download interruptions, lost connections.. and it was incredibly fast. Thanks to everyone who has been seeding (i am also seeding when I can)

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12 Jul 2016

Gaja wrote:Just fyi the trial version is in fact the full version witthout authorization.
Yes, I had known that the Trial version was fully featured, for thirty days of use. But I wasn't altogether certain that the same could be used for licensing. But I am in stroke, now, with it. Just have to find some tutorials on using Neptune (failed, miserably, at attempts on generating vocal harmonies), as well as the Pitch Editing function (which did worse on a vocal track, than the actual recording).

It HAS to be something that I, myself, came up short on :).


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15 Dec 2017

Just incase other people have this issue... I found a fix ...

Copy that address into (GULP) Internet explorer... then.. the download will start.. and then freeze at 1%.... once it says download interrupted,, click resume.. and it will download all the way...

P.S,, i made an account just to post this haha

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