I <3 Subtractor

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Post 05 Nov 2015

I love the Subtractor!

When I came to Reason eight years ago, I didn't know squat about synthesizers and electronic music production. Only now do I feel like I am sort of getting the hang of it, and even so, I still do a lot of random and quizzical knob twiddling.

Lately, I am more interested in creating strange sounds rather than "music," and you can get so many interesting and bizarre sounds out of the Subtractor by colliding FM with Phase and Velocity adjustments and whatnot. I'm sure the other synths are just as adept at producing unconventional sounds, but the Subtractor has just the right amount of knobs for me to be able to explore its sounds without overwhelming me with its complexity.

I wish it were stereo, but easily worked around tacking on a device or two to its output.
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Post 05 Nov 2015

I still view it very affectionately, it was my first stab at synthesis as well. It hasn't made it into one of my tunes for a while but I was on my laptop the other night which can't handle R7... Couldn't decide on a film to watch so opened R5 and came up with a very nice arp with Subtractor that I think will be the basis of a song. I panned it 25 left then used the ddl to give a 3/16 delay panned 25 to get stereo... And added a slight bit of un16 with 8 voices. A hint of RV7k and a very nice sound indeed thank you very much :)

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Post 05 Nov 2015

Hi Jon ...

Subtractor is still my go to Bass Synth

Here's a simple method to make Subtractor sound much much Phatter ..... :mrgreen:

Try unplugging some of the Audio merger's outs from the Line Mixer ' Perhaps back to the Subtractor itself !
& hear the Obvious difference ! & then there is all the panning law that could be added ' with all those 6 Outputs
from the Line mixer ,,,, Huge scope to play with especially for creating SOUND FX ..... Ope this is useful MM . :P
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Post 05 Nov 2015

I love Subractor, it's underrated. Basically if you can't make a good sound out of it you're not doing synthesis properly, you shouldn't need 20 Thors combined, even though this is fun :D

My favourite thing about Subtractor is how quick it is to change decay/amp/filter etc based on velocity input so you can really quickly get a groove going if it's hooked up to a sequencer, for me that's more inspiring than having to manually hook these things up through Thors mod matrix.

It's the same reason I often prefer working on my semi-modular stuff to my modular stuff, less thinking involved and more turning knobs and jumping around :D

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Post 08 Nov 2015

I love the simplicity and quickness of Subtractor. I regularly use it in combination with Scream4 Tape for booming bass sounds.

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