Why are there so few HP filters?

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dioxide wrote:Oh but the R1 devices are perfect as they are and should never be changed! Not really, they've been due updates for 15 years now, thank goodness Redrum got a little TLC at long last.

Yes the ECF-42 should have more modes. Or should have 12 years ago. I think for some time the only way to do a HPF in Reason was with some clever but shonky workaround using the vocoder. Pulveriser might have been the first PH rack device with a resonant HPF, and Pulveriser is relatively new so you can see how long it takes for useful features to reach the Rack. Or how long it did, as happily we have Rack Extensions to save the day. Although I still think some of these things are so basic they should be built into the Reason stock devices.

On a side note, how about a DDL Delay that doesn't raise the volume when set to 100% Wet?
It all depends on how you hook up the device - if you're talking about DDL-1 (I assume?) it's easy to work around as to be a total non-issue for me.

I'm more perplexed as to why devices like Pulveriser default to adding so much gain - I even reported in in testing, as all that needed to be done was to lower the master volume to around 54-55 or so IIRC for the default setting. Another "first world problem" I guess… ;)
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Post 08 Nov 2015

The same goes for the filter in Kong.

The half rack devices are good single use utilities whereas the bigger devices are more creative devices with multiple uses. I think the DDL could be tweaked to add this useful feature. And the same goes for the ECF, it is a nice simple utility filter that could do with a HPF mode. IMO the filter in Kong is a simple utility and it shouldn't add volume.

To be fair everything to do with Reason is a first world problem, but it doesn't make it any less valid to discuss it. Pulveriser can do HPF but it is fairly CPU intensive on some systems so a device like the ECF would be welcome for many.

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