Q: MIDI Overflow Threshold?

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Post 01 May 2015

How quickly in terms of ms can midi messages be processed in Reason before it shuts down a midi port because of overflow?
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Processing within Reason isn't really the issue, processing on the (USB) driver level is more of an issue here. Furthermore the single devices all behave differently. If you go down to "real" MIDI (with those 5-pin DIN connectors) the bandwidth goes down very quickly as its a very slow serial protocol. You shouldn't have more than two maser keyboards connected via one MIDI bus or you'll start to notice latencies in the 5-10 ms range quickly. For MIDI TimeCode you'd only want one of these going via one MIDI bus. But with several USB MIDI devices connected, a proper MIDI driver architecture (OSX or Windows with special drivers for the USB MIDI devices) you won't see "overflow" any time soon.

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So I just got myself a 2012 macbook pro, and connected my Seaboard Block to it via bluetooth... it works fine, until I try to record something....then it gives me some midi input overflow message that says the computer is too slow.

This sucks as i bought the damn thing because it was wireless (it works fine connected via USB)... what gives?

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Same here. Want to use the OP-Z as a Reason remote. Playing 8 devices in parallel works well, which is cool, but no Recording. Get this Overflow Alert also. Will try to write a codec/mapping out of it. Let's see what happens then.

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