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Purpleb wrote:DRUMS. How do you guys fatten up your drums to make them sound fat, punchy, and clear, while not getting all muddy?
you got to raise the dynamics without adding more volume !

but then to do that it all dépends of the sound you use .

take one of the drum proscessor combinator for exemples and add it to one of the 8 SSL fx slotes ,
then mix the volumes of the fx and the volumes of the tracks to get no Muddy sound (Watch for peaKs)
mix at lower volumes .

raise Mid freqs , use maybe pulveriser and blend it with dry/wet then add a scream on a drum preset and mix that up and re-add a pulveriser with a drum preset or whatever , it got to sound punchy then volume it down a bit .
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 7.101 and I will upgrade maybe this summer .

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