What is Propellerhead trying to say to us?

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KEVMOVE02 wrote:Are you using the contents of these threads for a class you are taking without our consent?

I ask only because you keep trying to apply some very academic theories outside of the context of this thread.
I prefer the academic life based on reason. As such I'm not any more academic here than else in life. If this community is not open for academics to be themselves, I would prefer it to be much more clear in the rules.
Are you reading "Politics of the Earth" by John Dryzek? Are you pro or antipromethean?

No, haven't read it.
It's ironic that you keep referring to a pen and paper metaphor as you type on a computer connect to a global communications network.
I refer to pen and paper because it is the preferred mode of writing down music on the go. But at home with the computer I certainly use Finale for the same purpose, thought all the outlining, arrangement and planning of the composition happens without the computer.

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i surprised myself whishing the Prop's site looks more professional.
Did you seen the Shop page ?
Did you seen the colors, light blue, purple ...to me it looks like ToysRus
I know it's not a big deal, Reason remains great.
But when i compare the Teenage engineering site ( swedish company too ) to the Prop's site ,i feel embarassed
I understand that business is business and Prop's have to " capture " new customers , but i think it can be done with more taste.
it's weird...as we all know Reason can be used very complexly, CV , routing etc , the new Hamu RE for exemple is not for noobs , but the accent in Props selling communication is put on the " Gameplay " side.
Very unusual, never saw a Brand playing 2 horses that way.
I guess they know what they do, because creating a Daw, having success, and survive is already a huge achievement requering a lot of marketing skills.

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