Synchronous creates guitar synth

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Post 09 Dec 2017

Synchronous is the best modulation device I've seen in reason
Alligator got close and is similar in concept but synchronous changes the equation with the three layers and drawing the wave shape
I tried modulation through the various synthesizers Thor Etc
The way synchronous used with pulverizer transforms signal is unparalleled
Good job props

Dare I say props to props?

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Post 09 Dec 2017

, the next step in guitar synthesis is to combine pitch to MIDI note Roland's pioneered and I still own Gr50

With programs I designed that are great at the same time guitar synthesis is sloppy

I thought maybe that propellerheads introduction of a pitch to MIDI conversion might be a pathway to laying a string sound underneath my lead guitar Melody

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Post 09 Dec 2017

By "pitch to MIDI conversion", do you mean audio to MIDI? Reason's had that since 9.0.

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Post 09 Dec 2017

Imitating synchronous would probably require using 3 alligators ina combi
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Post 10 Dec 2017

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Imitating synchronous would probably require using 3 alligators ina combi
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Post 17 Dec 2017

Hi calebbrennan,
You were discussing your GR50 in this thread - Just to let you know that I purchased Midi Guitar2 from Jam Origin and was blown away. Price is currently £77.

This is both a stand-alone and a VST program. It requires no special hardware, just plug in the guitar audio.
On the plus side, I've found both the tracking and the latency well good enough for playing. In both stand-alone and VST modes, it picks up all your VST instruments to augment a bunch of instruments that come included. Using it within Reason allows you to layer in loads of instruments and effects, put them into combinators, and record the audio into an audio track. The downside is that latest versions of Reason still do not give access to the midi output layer of VST software and hence it's not possible to use this program (yet) to drive Reason instruments or Rack Extensions (the midi output is available and can be accessed in other DAWs). So, unless anyone out there knows a way to do this in real time with another technique or plug-in, then we need to wait until the Props develop further on the midi aspect (I would also love access to MPE....).

PS Buying this gets you both the Guitar and Bass guitar programs, and even with the above limitations, it adds a huge amount to playing guitar as part of a Reason song creation.
PPS I have no affiliation with Jam Origin, but have a look and see for yourself - a download/trial is available.

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