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These are the rules, and they are subject to change. Also, announcements.
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The following rules apply to everybody posting in the ReasonTalk forums:

New users / first posts:
  1. First posts by new users must be approved by a moderator. Please be patient because we are human and we hope you are too! Do not post the same thing multiple times.
  2. We ask that first posts be relevant to Reason, music-making, sound design, etc. We do allow off-topic discussion, but prefer your first post to be something that contributes to the community's main focus (and it helps us to decipher you from bots / spammers).
  3. Also, if your first post is a reply in a thread, please try to avoid extremely brief and generic posts such as, "This is great!" Chances of approval are not so much.
  4. If your first post is not approved for any reason and you are a legit human-being, please reach out to us directly and we can get it straightened out. We apologize for any inconvenience.
These are the restrictions that apply on all forums and in private messages:
  1. No personal attacks and/or name calling.
  2. No displays of aggression.
  3. No retaliations on behalf of yourself or someone else.
  4. No racist, sexist, discriminatory, derogatory or obscene posts.
  5. No posts about hacking, piracy, cracking or warez.
  6. No copyright violations; No sharing of any files or Refills (even if free) without the express consent of the designer/developer/artist.
  7. No spamming of messages.
  8. No sharing of affiliate links. Share those in your own network.
  9. No breaking of NDA’s.
  10. No sharing of private info, email addresses, emails, etc. where permission is not granted.
  11. No attempts to sell your Reason Studios account. See Reason Studios FAQ regarding buying/selling
  12. Leave politics out of the forums.
  13. Multiple/alt forum accounts per individual are not permitted.
  14. Additional restrictions on developer forums may apply.
About the penalties:
  1. Warnings are given for breaking the rules.
  2. 3 warnings results in a minimum ban for 1 week.
  3. Warnings wear off over time.
  4. Depending on the given situation, more than 1 warning can be issued for a single post.
  5. 2nd ban will be permanent.
  6. We reserve the right to apply a ban without up-front warnings
The following guidelines apply:
  1. Remain respectful of others at all times no matter who they are, whether they be users, designers, developers, moderators or administrators. Someone doesn't have to be a forum member here for you to show them respect.
  2. Moderators do not read every thread and every post. If you think a post is violating the rules, report it. Replying can and will always result in flaming.
  3. Seeing someone else misbehave is no free pass to do so yourself. "(S)He started it" is never an acceptable excuse.
  4. It’s not only about the words you use, but also your intentions. Keep this in mind at all times
  5. Post in the appropriate forum (Reason General, Rack Extensions, VST Plugins, Reason Music...).
    If your post doesn't fit these categories, post it in The Kitchen, which is the place for all off-topic banter.
  6. If you're going to take the time to comment in a thread, take the time to read the first post. Never respond solely to a topic title.
  7. Please communicate in English.
  8. Use a reasonable sized signature to avoid clutter.
  9. Try to keep the amount of nested quotes in check.
  10. Do not double post the same question to multiple forums.
  11. Make an effort to search for an existing topic before posting your own.
  12. Please do not edit your posts in a manner of effectively deleting them and removing all context. Please contact a moderator if you have a good reason for doing so.
  13. Please use descriptive titles for thread topics. A vague or clickbait title wastes the time of readers and moderators and makes it harder for others to locate it in a search.
  14. Try to stay on topic.
Special beta guidelines:
  1. No beta questions or answers outside their designated beta forums.
Developers and designers
  1. Software developers and designers (Devs) are welcome and encouraged to promote their products in the forum.
  2. The forum itself cannot be used as a marketplace. Links to a separate website must be provided and business conducted outside of the forum.
  3. Devs are asked not to spam the forum with frequent unanswered posts/bumps.
  4. Devs are expected to market their products responsibly. Do not to use click-bait subjects/titles.
  5. We understand that sometimes mistakes can be made in the wording of a promotion, but we expect Devs to correct such errors when discovered, and be forthright in addressing the errors on the RT forum.
  6. We expect Devs not to participate in any intentional false advertising on RT; Devs should always strive to deliver what was promised in the original promotion.
Respect the moderators
  • Our moderators are carefully selected for the tasks here
  • We do this in our spare time. We have families, just like you.
  • If you receive a warning, do not send us messages telling us that “User X should receive a warning too”

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