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These are the rules, and they are subject to change. Also, announcements.
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Post 30 Apr 2017

Hi all,

There's no NDA regarding the beta test of 9.5, and while we're certainly not an authority on this matter, please keep your results, bugs, runtime experiences, issues, pop-ups, increased DSP usage questions and other beta-related matters out of the public forums. People will simply have to wait to be let in on the beta to experience this for themselves, or otherwise wait for the public release on May 29th.

Please respect this. We will start to enforce this addition to our rules while the beta is running. Repeated offences will result in warnings according to our rules.

We will also kindly ask you to consider not starting multiple threads about the same questions. There's a lot of duplicate threads about the future of Rack Extensions and other great topics for discussion, but please do a search before starting a particular thread. It'll make the life of the moderators a lot easier. Thanks :)

For those who have signed up for the beta: Please be patient. You're being added in batches. Unless the queue is is gigantic, you will be let in at some point.

There's two points I do want to quote in public about the beta test. These points come from Propellerhead:
  • Do not use the test builds for your production work! Songs saved in Reason 9.5 Beta cannot be opened in Reason 9, and song and patch formats might change (possibly making your songs impossible to open in the release version). So make sure to only work on copies of your songs when beta testing!
  • The testing (logging) builds are MUCH slower than the release builds, so you can’t compare performance between the Reason 9.5 testing builds and your current Reason or Reason Essentials. Towards the end of the testing period we will put out “release candidates” (called RCs) without the logging code. Then you can compare!
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