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Hi all,

As you all probably already noticed, ReasonTalk went down july 2nd. The reason for this was a dispute between Website Toolbox (provider of the forum and hosting), and Lunesis (Brent). Without being too biased, Website Toolbox reacted in a really unprofessional manner in a situation where you would expect a bare minimum of customer service. I'm not going to dwell too much at that, Brent can give an update on this matter if he wants to. :)

The following might be regarded as pure luck, but Brents post on "possible forum migration in the works" was written because of a talk he and I had a week ago about migrating the forum to a cheaper, and much more editable platform where no 3rd party had the last say in functions we requested for the forums. Now, because of this talk, hydlide and I started to prepare for a possible migration, which in turn required Brent to do a backup of everything, so we had something to work with.

Long story short; Because of this backup, all attachments, images, avatars, PM's, threads and posts etc. are saved! We might have to continuously fix some small quirks (like quote's in old posts not displaying correctly, URL's etc.), but those things are peanuts, and we will solve them an issue at a time. PM's will be imported this weekend.

BBCodes for video, soundcloud, and bandcamp embeds are being worked on!

Welcome back! :D
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