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Post 28 Feb 2022

With the events in Eastern Europe over of the past few days, I just want to send out a reminder to everyone about the forum rules of RT. Rule #11: "Leave politics out of the forums."

There are two sides to this conflict and any posts of support for one side or the other are surely to lead some users to post support for the other side. This will obviously not end well. The moderators of this forum don't want to see our forum turn into a political debate, which is the reason for Rule #11. And it times such as these, where we may be on the verge of another World War, it would be very easy for our forum to slip into such a place.

For these reasons, we would like to remind everybody that we are on this forum to discuss everything MUSIC related. Please keep political talk out of RT. We will have a zero-tolerance policy for this rule and will remove any political posts. If you want to post about politics/war, the Internet is a big place, please find an appropriate political forum to do so. This is NOT the place for it.

That being said, I would like to wish everyone well and hope you can find some peace of mind during these continuingly difficult times.
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