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List your suggestions here for the website (not Reason feature requests)!
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Keep in mind that this forum is for suggestions, and not for support on your Reason Studios software.
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Post 18 Sep 2021

It is not clear what the purpose of this section of the Forum is intended for. “ Website Help and Suggestions” suggests that it is specifically for concerns pertaining to ummmm... this website.. However, certain posts making suggestions regarding the Reason software, seem to be unceremoniously dumped here, without bothering to inform the original poster. When said poster is understandably annoyed by this, the thread is then locked. My final suggestion is that you get some moderators who know the meaning of the word, and also clarify this sections intent and heading. Perhaps simply call it “ The Dump” ?

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Post 18 Sep 2021

We do not move Reason feature suggestions here, if that is what you are suggesting. We have a separate forum for feature suggestions for Reason. This forum, as you guessed, is for suggestions about the ReasonTalk website.

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