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Post 11 Feb 2021

A common practice on message boards is to auto-lock threads that have been dormant for more than a few months. This helps keep new discussions more readable, as users don't have to wade through pages of old content that may or may not have to do with the most recent post.

Also, this prevents the phenomenon of reading thread titles like

"Announcing Reason..." 😲
"...11" 😒

Perhaps not the most pressing issue, but this has caught me more than once. 😄

I don't know if phpBB has this feature built-in, but most forum software has plugins that enable this functionality.
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Post 11 Feb 2021

There might be an extension for it, but no option like that there by default.

I totally get your point. Although I think it's beneficial when threads are left open for tutorials, help, troubleshooting, etc. I think it could be harder to manage.

We do our best to moderate and split topics if there is thread necromancy and the topic title is not as relevant to the new discussion. I hadn't noticed the most recent one. Feel free to report something if you feel a topic should be split.

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Post 11 Feb 2021

Perhaps putting the original date on the thread title could help out, as they currently do (solved) ?
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Post 11 Feb 2021

What about them times when you want to come back to a topic and update other.

RE gets an updates
VST gets fixed / update / working in Reason
Communication with authorisation services is failing again
Serious RAM bug gets solved or returns

VST 2.4 MIDI It's definitely on the list of todos
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Post 11 Feb 2021

Old information can still be relevant and worth discussing.
It might be a good idea for some forums but many production techniques are older than the forum. There have been some great discussions around them that don't age a quickly as your opinion on the mullet.
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