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Post 29 Apr 2020

Loque wrote:
29 Apr 2020
bxbrkrz wrote:
29 Apr 2020

The Crying People Tribe will cry, no matter what. This is what they do.

It could be a way to support the forum with cash directly, without dealing with ads, while enjoying surfing the web with Brave, like myself.
Is a REtalkDotCom possible?
Maybe not.
It was a simple suggestion.
Yea, maybe it could help.
Not sure, if this kinda stuff would be against some rules...
Indeed. I was thinking about the rules when I wrote: I wonder if it would be OK for you admin and Reason Studios to create a ReasonTalk...
Maybe it is impossible. Only they would know.

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Post 05 May 2020

I'm not seeing the links on any of my computers, running Windows 7 & 10, Chrome and Firefox. As Kenni mentioned earlier, we used to run Google Ads, but those have long been gone. I'm not sure what the Viglink stuff is all about. I don't recall it ever being mentioned in our moderator channel until about a week ago, when it was brought to my attention.

How long have these links been showing up?

As far as supporting RT, it does take money to run the forum. I think a donation button would be a good thing to have. We could accept all currencies thru paypal or maybe even BAT (Brave Browser cryptocurrency). The idea of an RTRE isn't a bad one, and the mods have discusses such an idea before. I like the idea of it not being any kind of real software, because devs don't want to work for free, just some blinking lights would do the trick, maybe a spacer, as an obvious attempt to just raise funds. But I'm not sure how many people would actually buy it, and RT would only get like 70% of that purchase, I think, so a direct donation would be better. Perhaps we should bring Google Ads back.

What people would buy is a super combinator, if it were possible to make one. In my dreams, RS would let RT build a super combi and put it in the shop to fund the site.
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Post 10 May 2020

I've been seeing the inline ads, on both Android and Windows. Just in case the data's useful.

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Post 30 May 2020

The Viglink stuff is still active. I just discovered it for the first time when a post of mine mentioned "Reason Studios' Scales and Chords" and Viglink turned the word "Scales" into a hyperlink to a bikini product on an ecommerce website. I had to edit the post to avoid use of that device's full name just to avoid having it include a ridiculous link against my will. Apparently Viglink is meant to automatically create links to products if the product is named, but clearly it doesn't work properly. Here's a page that shows Viglink is still installed at ...

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