ReasonTalk Makeover to look more similar to Reason Studios

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Post 15 Sep 2019

So will we expect a makeover in here so that the website looks more similar to the new Reason Studio Colours and branding?

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Post 15 Sep 2019

The plan is to keep things as is. We will continue to rock a logo that is derivative of Reason's original. Representing the legacy. No opinions against the new look, but we don't see a need to the tattoos that will remain on some people.

Also, it would then just be a cube inside a text bubble, and honestly that will look like nothing...

And the site's main theme has been blue, which was never Reason's colors. It's more calming. Orange and red make people more angry lol.

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Post 15 Sep 2019

I think you could get the font closer to the Reason one.

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