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Post 07 Feb 2018

chk071 wrote:I know those ad issues from another forum. Only happens on the mobile forum website there as well. I don't know how exactly Google Adsense works, but, i could imagine that the risk of having such ad providers in the "package" will be bigger on smaller websites or forums, because the ad providers don't have to pay so much for the ads, hence it will attract less serious providers.
It's usually only an issue during January and possibly February where there aren't that much advertising bidding going on. That means low bids gets you out there and sites that don't usually advertise can shine. Those ads will slowly but surely disappear when bigger companies are full throttle on their advertising campaigns which makes the minimum bid rise and weeds out the shitty providers.

I'm currently going through our adsense categories to disable some of the majors that are giving us bad ads. There's only so much you can do though, I've disabled all the categories that gives us dating ads but sometimes, they get through the loophole in categories such as "Home improvement". That actually made me laugh out loud. :)
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