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Post 23 Sep 2017

Hey, one idea - how about the mods simply merge threads like "Why Reason is the worst DAW ever" into one big thread, each time with a nice comment "this discussion has beed had, please add your wisdom here". I guess that would keep some people out of these mud traps (and some from creating new posts about their "favorite" topic every week).

Edit: Note theres another reply from me on the previous page.

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Post 24 Sep 2017

As one of the mods of this site, I can honestly say that sometimes I dont know exactly what to do with a reported post, so I will leave it for another mod, or we will discuss it among ourselves to make a decision. Some of the reports are quite easy to decide what to do with, as they clearly violate the rules (or not). But there are many, many gray-areas which are reported and it can be hard to know what to do with such posts. Do we just delete every single post that is reported and eventually ban everyone? Being too heavy-handed can result in a pissed off forum user base, too. There is a gray area, for sure, and it is a tricky balancing act, at times. .

To echo Selig's suggestion, perhaps the users could stop feeding the shitmonsters. If trolls don't get fed, they go away. And, yes, the mods could probably step it up a notch or two and be more hard-assed..

If you find you are getting offended regularly, try growing some thicker skin. Seriously. How long have we all been using online forum? Aren't there assholes on every forum online? It's just part of the internet and human nature when having the anonymity of the computer.

Also try the ignore function..... in your backend "Friends & Foes" tab.... adding a user to your foes list will essentially put them on an ignore list.
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Post 24 Sep 2017

I'm probably one of the few people that didn't mind the old Propellerhead forum - flame wars and all.

Yes, over the years there were maybe two or three individuals that likely had some mental issues who went out and over the garden wall and should have been dealt with WAAAAY sooner. And a few regulars that should have been given a slap on the wrist here and there before things spiralled into complete chaos because of tiredness, maybe a drink or two too much, maybe fundamentally they were always a bit of an asshole. But some of it was genuinely funny. maybe outrageous at times. And sometimes I actually learned something as well.

I learned way more on the PUF than I do here, maybe because I'm not here as often as I was at the old PUF. Warts and all, more people meant more opinions and more responses and ideas and ways of looking at things. Some Drama always kept me interested in checking out the PUF as well and interesting learning tangents always seemed to happen.

But I'm not a big fan of all the current political correctness here and in the world. I think if you don't like a thread, just ignore the f**king thing! Speak your say and move on. The regulars will always clue in. I can understand that maybe people with an artistic lean, may be a little more sensitive than the average person, but geez, ya gotta deal with it somehow.

This forum feels like it's dying sometimes, and it's kinda milquetoasty. Maybe it was because of the quick kibosh on anything that could remotely offend anyone that some people just drifted away. Maybe some people left Reason to go to other DAWs. Propellerhead definitely did a great disservice to all by shutting down the 'PUF and all the accumulated knowledge that was stored there.

I'm also not a big fan of The Complete Annihilation Of A Thread because it crossed a line. Whatever line was crossed, I think members should see what was posted and by whom, and form their own opinions. Shit happens, it doesn't need to be sanitized like it never happened.
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Post 24 Sep 2017

normen wrote:
23 Sep 2017
selig wrote:
23 Sep 2017
Well, if you let it go, you stay here. If you respond with an ass whooping, you're gone.
I guess by "ass whooping" he meant proving ones point, not derogatory comments.
selig wrote:
23 Sep 2017
The point is, heated discussions can get you banned.
If someone sees it as "calling for mommy" and instead "takes matters into their own hands", then they will probably get banned.
I was more picturing a situation where one party starts using swear words and personal attacks, derailing the discussion - "taking matters into your own hands" might be just leaving that discussion or staying on topic - but that won't make it clear to the attacking party that this behavior isn't okay.
selig wrote:
23 Sep 2017
What's the point of having mods then?
Its like a lifeguard I suppose, they're not only running out in the water if somebody tells them to, right? :)

Edit: Note this isn't criticism per se, I think the whole forum team does a great job - but this thread is about discussing this topic.
Agreed - Good points all around.

And like a lifeguard, it's good when someone comes to you for help you may not have noticed - we're only human after all.

Thanks for your comments - the mod team here is far from perfect, and we rely on everyone's feedback to know how we're doing!
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Post 25 Sep 2017

I'm wondering why Miss Controllerism is listed as being an official member of Propellerhead, given his/her [banned] username is listed in red in the recently locked thread, which according to the Legend, is reserved for PHers.

This didn't occur to me before, surprisingly given I tend to overthink everything, but I note blue for Product Devs isn't used for any Product Devs either (AFAIAA).

Legend: Administrators, Global moderators, Moderators, Rack extension/Refill Developers, Propellerheads

And while I'm here in an active thread, @Kenni, dark grey text on dark blue background, that really needs fixing ;)

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Post 27 Sep 2017

CaliforniaBurrito wrote:
23 Sep 2017
esselfortium wrote:
23 Sep 2017
I'm not sure what most of that has to do with what I've said, but hopefully some of my points have made sense to others.
No need to feed the shitposts. If a technical thread turns sour then leave. Some guy recently attacked my personality and called me a dick because I was going off on the word "crappy" and how a mono mix isn't supposed to sound as such. THE END. I'm pretty sure that's worse than being called a fanboy which I would gladly wear as a badge of honor. Can you make me a t-shirt Noel? This all just seems silly to me because the rabbit hole goes as deep as you want it to go. Everything from the "Reason sound" to the guys complaining about R10 who can't even produce a solid track as it is (they will blame it on the DAW) - just pretty ridiculous. :)

PS Love this EP I'm currently listening to, Sarah. :)
Sorry for the derailment here. I think "I'm a Reason fanboy" t-shirt is a great idea.

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