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Post 05 Jul 2015

There are spurious characters being introduced into the code being posted in the "Rack Extension Remote Map Templates +Scope List" thread here:

This is an example of what is being displayed :
//______________________________Rob Papen PunchBDRE____________________________
Scope  Rob Papen  com.robpapen.PunchBDRE
//  Control Surface Item  Key  Remotable Item  Scale  Mode
//Map  _control_  Preview
//Map  _control_  Pitch Bent Up

This is an example of what it should look like:
//______________________________IOx Audioware Onyx Onyx 430i Tube Limiter____________________________
Scope IOx Audioware com.ioxaudioware.onyx
// Control Surface Item Key Remotable Item Scale Mode
//Map _control_ Intersample Limiting ON/OFF
//Map _control_ Stereo Link

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Post 06 Jul 2015

Im not sure how that is supposed to look.

Can you try and format just one of the sections and provide me an example?
Kenni Andruszkow

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Post 06 Jul 2015

tabs seem to be replaced with Â
:reason: V9 | i7 5930 | Motu 828 MK3 | Win 10

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Post 12 Jul 2015

OK. the initial issue with the spurious characters seems to have been solved, but the code for one of the Remote Maps seems to have been lost, either during the migration or during the fix.

User gullum made a post on the first page on 29 Jan 22:50 with the code for Synapse Antidote. All the code is missing except the name. A quick look on waybackmachine shows that the code was there, although as it is only a snapshot, it only shows he first 5 or 6 lines.

Oh! and thanks for the fixes to this so far.....

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