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Post 28 Sep 2018


Just wanted to mention that during the last week, whenever I go to the main Reasontalk page before going to the forum, my Sophos AntiVirus says it is blocking Malware (See screenshot). Not sure what this is, or if it a false positive but just in case thought I would bring this to your attention.

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Post 28 Oct 2018

I'm slightly surprised this hasnt been responded to... sophos is legit and well established.

Surely this guy deserves a reply...?

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Post 29 Oct 2018

It should be resolved by now:


...but if you still find anything suspicious, please report, it helps!

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Post 02 Nov 2018

@Zac Thanks for the bump! Yeah Sophos is the AV we use at my work and it is really good, I may have just jinxed myself by saying this but we had far less issues with viruses and malware in the last two years since we switched to this. Excluding the few users who insist on clicking links promising them tax refunds or opening attachments from people/organisations they don't know! But can't blame Sophos for not being able to protect against PEBCAK/PICNIC :lol:

@WongoTheSane Thanks for the response and update, I can confirm Sophos no longer grumbles when I visit your site :)

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