Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen Latency

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Post 01 Jul 2024

Hi guys,

my specs:
LG Gram 2023 16 GB Ram 3GB SSD nvme Intel i7 1370p
Energy mode: full power
Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd gen. Drivers and firmware are up to date. Settings: Safe mode off and on checked both.
Reason: enhance rendering by using audio interfaces buffer enabled.
Loop MIDI. Koshdukais split midi channel codec, only 3 in use.
Novation Launch Pad XL MK2
Akai MPK mini MK3
Song: nice long 5m rack with about 10 tracks/instruments and about 60 effects...taking 8gb of ram when running on most active beats...
Quite a lot of heavy VSTs like Infiltrator, Ozone Elements, Arturia, Pendulate. I only activate the ones i need when not mixing down.

When I set the buffer size to 1024 and audio threads to 1 i got the following results:
  • 192 kbit: just crackling.
    96 kbit: severe crackling, unusable.
    88.2 kbit: little less crackling, but still unusable.
    48 kbit: no crackling. ok, but high latency. little crackling when buffer 256.
    44.1 kbit: all right. Even when i go down to 256 crackling just becomes a lot when i switch for typing here to chrome. When I just move down to 192 the crackling is heavy again.
My CPU load should rise when raising the sample rates, right? It doesn't. It's always 14% CPU usage and 84% RAM.

When I set the buffer size to 1024 and audio threads to 16 i got the following results:
  • 192 kbit: just crackling.
    96 kbit: little crackling. CPU load 33%, Memory 66%
    88.2 kbit: almost no crackling. CPU load 30%, memory 58%. @512 samples quite server crackling. same cpu/ram load.
    48 kbit @ 512 samples: almost no crackling, same cpu load
    44.1 @ 256 samples: all good. cpu load rises ro 38% less samples: crackling starting from 192
I got some other audio interfaces and a leap motion as well.
None of them can compete any way with focusrite.

How do i get Focusrite a little faster - or analyze what's wrong in my latencies?

Anyway to use the laptops realtek soundcard on asio4all when outside e.g. on a lake? Don't think so, always have to use at least 512 samples. Even just filters are almost to slow on 512 samples. If you want to play piano you definitely have to go 256 samples or lower. Everything else is way to late...

Samson Meteor USB Mic/Audio Interface: also at least 512 samples required.

As soon as i connect my Leap motion with GECO MIDI i have to go up to buffer 1024 - and even with that setting i get some crackling. It's not the GECO MIDI software. It's the Leap motion i suppose. As soon as i unplug it the crackling on 1024 samples goes away and i can turn it down to 256 again. I'm using the Leap motion on MIDI channel6 and use koshdukais codec to route it to specific instruments.
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Post 01 Jul 2024

More threads are for more parallel computing. A single computation line will not get faster, since it relays on the results of the previous steps. That means, if one CPU/thread cannot handle your 192khz with a simple instrument/fx/whatever, more threads will not help.

You will get everything faster with a faster CPU in single threaded mode, reduce the resolution, reduce the number of linear and single line computations (instrument and it's fx chain).

Also note, that having things going in visual parallel mode, like capturing a signal (audio) or CV and working with it a different chain, makes them rely on each other and it is in single/linear computation mode.
Reason13, Win10

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Post 01 Jul 2024

Your CPU has only 6 performance cores so you should set your thread count to 6.

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