Replacing old Xeon Win pc with new i3-1200F?

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Post 20 Jun 2024

My old and trusty Xeon cpu pc is dying on me.
I got several reboots and kernel-power critical errors in recent days.
It might be the PSU, the mobo, or smth else entirely, but I doubt it is soft related.

I am using the Mac mini M2 for almost everything Reason, but I keep going back to Windows 10 for countless other stuff.
Wondering if anyone has a i3-1200F Intel windows PC build that can share some info on this cpu.
It seems it has a very strong single core performance, 4 cores all performance.
So it would be very good on paper for programs like VCV rack or Reaktor, which still heavily relies on single core performance.
But Ive no real world references on it really, so if anyone could chime in and shares its experience with it,
any potential problem, maybe reliability? Idk. Any insight really.
I still use my Win PC for a lot of recording anyway, so Audio is still a big thing

Other than it's a good single core performer, it comes really cheap, and benchmarks online seemingly destroys Xeon old gen cpu*.
Also, replacing a Xeon mobo costs about the same as getting a 1300F AND a mobo, so, there are more reasons behind my
final decisions to have more clear damage assesments, but is a good enough point if any.
Cheers tnx.
*Except floating point, I don't see banchmarks for it...

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