Roland TD-27KV2 with Reason? Any tips?

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Post 19 Jun 2024

So, I just put in the order for a Roland TD-27KV2 electronic drum set.

While I am anxiously waiting for its arrival (just a week or two prior to my four week summer vacation), I started wondering if anyone here had the same set or the head/module, the TD-27 (or TD-50, etc.), and had any tips to offer on how to get the best value out of it with Reason specifically as it is the one and only DAW for me?

Not going the SD3 route yet as I want to concentrate on technique, and building up my fundamentals first (I haven’t touched drums in over two decades)… well that and just having a blast, and bringing something more organic to my music. :)

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Post 24 Jun 2024

I recently bought an electronic kit myself and was looking at the Roland. I ended up going with the Alesis Strike Pro SE.. and I only use it with SD3 (inside of Reason).. but the one issue I had was actually within Reason.

The Hi-Hat open/close "wasn't working" and it took a frustrating amount of time before I finally stumbled onto the solution: In the Reason Rack, right click on the MOD wheel and select "Edit Remote Override Mapping". In the pop-up window, "Control Surface" should be your Roland drums and "Control" is the MIDI channel of the part of the instrument you're working on (in my case, the Hi-Hat pedal). For me, it ended up being "Ch1-CC 04" but YMMV. The "Learn from control surface input" and activity sections should help you easily locate it.

The only quirk I've had with this is that when writing/jamming along with a Reason project, the remote override mapping interferes with the actual MIDI tracks already written but I guess that's how it's gotta be (remote override, after all). I would also say that for the most part it's basically perfect, but the behavior of the hi-hats are the weakest link in the transition from accoustic to electronic drums. There's a fair amount of dynamic lost in the translation. But since I'm using the Alesis kit, I'd love to hear how you feel about the Roland kit once you've had some time to run through it.

Regarding SD3: If you're happy with the onboard kits or the drums you can get within Reason then don't worry about SD3 and just have a blast!

In my case, I had already bought SD3 a couple years before I splurged on the e-drums so it was as simple as using the kit I had already built within SD3. It was AMAZING finally being able to play this custom kit that I had only previously been interacting with via mouse and keyboard. I absolutely LOVE my kit and having the capability to jam out with it inside of Reason.

Oh and I'm not even really a drummer. Been a guitarist for a couple decades. I had an accoustic kit for years and years but it was cheap and loud and I just never got on with it. But ever since I got an electronic kit, I've gotten 10x better at drumming than I ever had before with an accoustic set. It's so much easier to practice, to see a direct correlation between your playing and the notes recorded to MIDI files, having adjustable volume(!!!) and all that. I've since gone through all my old music and learned how to really play it on drums, then re-written everything with a more "live drummer" feel than all those stale old MIDI files had before.

An electronic drumset is the most impactful purchase I've made for my music in a long, long time. I hope yours is a similar experience!

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Post 25 Jun 2024

Thanks for the reply and info, much appreciated! :)

Ran into this recently released video, some really good points there why people who produce electronic music should look into getting into drumming, either via an electronic or analog drumset.

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Post 26 Jun 2024

I drum in my stuff with an ancient Roland octopad. It works great. I have a couple of extra triggers too. I have it mapped to an empty combinator on my default template so all I have to do is drag in the device I want to use. Easy peasy.

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