YouTube | For the First Time, I'm SCARED of A.I. as a Music Producer

Want to talk about music hardware or software that doesn't include Reason?
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Post 13 Apr 2024

..Ill just leave this here. meh..
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Post 13 Apr 2024

Tbh, i directly heard what examples are made with AI. They sound dull, noisy and phasy. But on the media most ppl will listen to this, they will not recognize it...

In a few years, nobody will tell the difference and most ppl will listen to AI music. They grown up with it and forgot how it was in the past. Good thing is, it will cost nothing since the expensive artists will not be payed anymore...

I would say, artists must find a niche and be more creative, but the AI will directly steal and imitate it...what currently the humans do :-D

Well, we will see where we are in a few years...
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Post 13 Apr 2024

I just keep thinking about the movie Demolition Man where the only new music is jingles from adverts.

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Post 13 Apr 2024

Idk, AI isn’t generated out of thin air, it requires serious hardware and energy to generate prompts. Who is paying for it now and will that income be enough to sustain it into the future? If AI becomes so widespread that it starts to train itself on other AI generated content, will that impact the quality of the prompts?

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Post 13 Apr 2024

In the same way that when you mix all the paints together you get brown, there’s already a detectable style in each of the various AI “disciplines”. My suspicion is that this homogeneity/entropy will only continue, especially once it starts to really feed on itself, as you say.

Ultimately it will render some jobs redundant, as wool-weaving machines and printing presses and photographic cameras have done in the past. And art will remain art, and humans will continue to make music as we did for millennia before anyone thought to invent the gramophone.

I await the future with mild interest.

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Post 13 Apr 2024

Muzak producers are definitely toast. In some ways I could imagine this boosting the live music scene. Nobody’s going to go to a club to listen to an AI.

And yes AI cannot digest its own output, it quickly drives it mad, which is great because it means all AI generated content will need to be clearly tagged to prevent that.
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