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Post 02 Apr 2024

Hi All!

How essential is a decent graphics card if you're not gaming on your computer? About 2 months ago my one packed up so need another.

I'm obviously gonna just be opening vst's and running Reaper with the RRP etc.


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Post 02 Apr 2024

Pretty much anything with PCI express interface and 4+ GB video RAM should work out OK. Even most modern on-board GPUs should be OK.

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Post 02 Apr 2024

My last two music PCs have just used the gfx interface built-in to the motherboard and been fine for everything, including scoring to video. The only downside is that it nicks a bit of the main RAM so make sure you have enough of that.

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Post 02 Apr 2024

There's making vst's that run on a gpu, they have 3 products so far, I think you can live without them for now.
CPU and RAM are much more important to a DAW machine.
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