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Post 09 Mar 2024

Based on this comment from Tone2 Develeoper i really welcome a good communication between Dev´s and Users. And no tolerance for puplic hate and frustration comments.
So that´s why i am here :thumbup:

Sadly I must say that I do not longer enjoy doing my work and developing synthesizers. It’s a sum of many diffuse negative reasons over a very long period of time that finally made decide to quit today.
During the last two decades I had to deal with an extreme amount of stress, many very over-emotional/nasty/drunken/high customers, bullshit in forums, harassment, piracy, defamation and trolling. The stress level was so dramatic that I did not only get divorced, but now also have to deal with serious health problems.
That’s why I will move on and will not longer develop new products. I simply must focus on more on my health and have more time for my kids.
I must say a big THANK YOU to all those who supported the work of our small company. ... ehr-geben/

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Post 09 Mar 2024

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Post 09 Mar 2024

crimsonwarlock wrote:
09 Mar 2024

So, not totally gone (for now).
If you follow the link from the OP you'll see the full statement, which basically says no new products but updates, maintenance and support for existing ones will continue, including a couple of major updates that are imminent. So he's not quitting entirely, he's just stepping back a little.

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