New Stylophone products: Theremin and modular drone synth!

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Post 05 Jan 2024

Available for pre-order soon with email signup. Only $110... I'm pretty sure I'm buying one! :D
I think it looks really cool and I like the option of using the slider with a guide instead of just the antenna.

  • Control with your body
  • Wild theremin sounds
  • Slider for precise notes
  • Drone or trigger notes
  • Vibrato & delay effects
  • Portable
  • Built-in speaker
  • Microphone stand compatible

I'm a proud owner of a Moog Etherwave Theremin, but this looks really fun and I do really like a good portable gadget that I can play anywhere :)

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Post 12 Jan 2024

Interesting stuff but for a whole generation of people, at least in the UK, the Stylophone brand is inextricably linked to a celebrity who turned out to be a sex offender. I can't see that brand name without thinking about doing an impression of him, even though that would be in bad taste.

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Post 25 Jan 2024

Here's a couple videos, one from NAMM and a presentation they did last week with sonicstate. Cool to see Matt Hodson aka MATTHS working for Stylophone.

I also just learned that Axel Hartmann designed the Stylophone Theremin, which explains why it looks so great :) I'm really looking forward to that one being released.

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