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Post 29 Nov 2023

I'm not sure if this is the right folder for this post, but does anyone know of an alternative to "unfollowspy", either another website, or a stand alone ap?

It recently disappeared, and for anyone unfamiliar, it was sort of a convenient 3rd party dashboard that you could use for soundcloud, since their actual ui leaves much to be desired. Basically, it told you all following stats and was really nice for getting rid of the follow, and then immediately unfollow after you follow me back crowd spammers. - I know people will say right away to not follow someone back unless they are really good, but I kind of like to be supportive and follow and give critique once in a while if someone follows me even if it's at least near the same genre. I don't want to waste my effort on the follow/unfollow people, as they are likely just using some kind of bot ap anyway and I think that whole scheme thing is lame. I'm getting to a point where I have as much followers that this would be impossible using only the default soundcloud interface.

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