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Post 10 Nov 2023

Hi everyone

I'm looking to replace the internals of my old i7-2600k based PC.

Planning to move to 12th or 13th gen i7, with 32GB RAM.

Very keen for any advice for PC builders here who may have thoughts on motherboards, or other ideas so I really get the best audio workstation experience. I'll also be using it for photo editing, but will keep my GTX1650 Super video card (not ideal, but I'd rather keep it and put $ into CPU. I don't play games on the computer)

Couple of specific questions;
- I get a lot of USB digital noise, so I no longer connect my synths via USB (hence miss out on deep integration), I just use DIN MIDI. I'm not sure if any of the motherboards make a difference in ground loop isolation (or whatever it is that causes the noise).
- Keen to minimise latency of course (I get about 12-16ms at the moment, using a Scarlet 18i8)

Any general thoughts appreciated!

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