Cubase 13 and Studio One 6.5

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Post 02 Nov 2023

Cubase updated to V13:

Studio One updated to V6.5:

I hope Reason 13 is a massive update 🤞

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Post 02 Nov 2023

I must say, I never used Cubase, I'm 7min into the video and so far it's all workflow type enhancements.

As much as I cry for workflow enhancements for Reason, it's actually so underwhelming to watch.
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Post 02 Nov 2023

deeplink wrote:
02 Nov 2023
As much as I cry for workflow enhancements for Reason, it's actually so underwhelming to watch.
What are you missing in Cubase, for the upgrade to be underwhelming?

Actually, the biggest thing missing in Cubase is exactly workflow - it was fine 10-15 years ago, but in the era of Studio One or Bitwig it just doesn't cut it anymore. It can do literally anything - well, maybe except a clip launcher - but in order to get there it requires 2-3x more clicks than anything else.

That's why workflow enhancements are the priority for Cubase!
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Post 02 Nov 2023

deeplink wrote:
02 Nov 2023
it's actually so underwhelming to watch.
And that's the problem with workflow and QOL improvements. They make life better for existing users but they don't give good headlines or exciting videos and are unlikely to tempt new customers. But we want 'em anyway!

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Post 02 Nov 2023

Putting the mixer channel on the left of the track view (in Cubase 13) is not that hard programmatically speaking, but a huge boon to many users. Workflow improvements are often just rejigging the UI a bit and don't generally cost a lot of development dollars (unless the feature needs to be entirely rewritten to be usable lol!) So it's often a case that these are rolled in alongside the new flagship features. About all RS has given us on that front are high-resolution graphics, sadly.
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Post 02 Nov 2023

Used Cubase years ago as my go to DAW but it just got so convoluted it eventually killed any creativity because most of the time was spent doing multiple things for simple results. Never had the need to return and have a quick skim through that video it looks just as convoluted as the last time I used it.
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Post 05 Nov 2023

I’m gonna have a crack at making this my main DAW. I’ve always thought the MIDI editor was great. I’m glad they’ve revamped the mixer aesthetic because I haven’t liked it for several versions now. I know the workflow is perhaps a bit ‘conventional’ but ya know, I just wanna record some audio, and edit some MIDI. And it has a lot of things I know I need (folder tracks being among the biggest, pitch envelopes, Vari-Audio is awesome). Been bouncing between Reason and Live for a while now but I was always a Cubase guy growing up so, maybe it’s time to come home.

The only thing that isn’t as intuitive as Reason so far is parallel channels. Unless I’m doing it wrong. Always something I guess!

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Post 05 Nov 2023

started using Cubase as my primary back in the spring, and other than a few quirks, I absolutely love it. it’s nearly as customizable (in the ways I find important) as Reaper, but without the ridiculous setup/learning curve. this update is awesome, and improves Cubase on a number of pain points. the new vocal processor and new EQs + comps are all fantastic for what I do.
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