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Want to talk about music hardware or software that doesn't include Reason?
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Post 26 Oct 2023

Good that I hate FL's look, chaotic UI and convoluted workflow, because otherwise? Wow!

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Post 27 Oct 2023

antic604 wrote:
26 Oct 2023
Good that I hate FL's look, chaotic UI and convoluted workflow, because otherwise? Wow!

I certainly can't argue with "chaotic UI and convoluted workflow" and some of their terminology is non-standard so when you are trying to find out how to do something it's not easy to Google. However, I love the synths, the piano roll is still the best in the business and the step sequencer is just so quick and easy to use. I've never done a whole project in it but, for me, as an idea starter it gets more use than Reason these days. It works as a plugin too and, unlike Reason, it's the whole application in the plugin so you can start a song as standalone then load it into the plugin running in something else (Studio One for me) and continue working on it.

I've certainly got no regrets buying it and once you have bought it you get all the updates free.

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Post 27 Oct 2023

The >integrated< online sound library with credits and subscription is a "nice to have". Nice, that is automatically synced.

The >integrated< online mastering is also not bad to have.

>Integrated< Stem Separation is also nice to have. Separate drum loops to individual percussion loops is nice. Result is not 100%, but useable.

Enough of >integrated< comments for now.
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Post 27 Oct 2023

Used this back when it was called 'Fruity Loops' and I have had no compulsion to revisit, after watching the video that still stands.
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Post 27 Oct 2023

Looking forward to what Reason has to offer to see if they take inspiration from their competitors.


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Post 28 Oct 2023

That's one hell of an update.

I like the stem separation and wave colouring.

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Post 01 Nov 2023

Fl cloud looks more interesting than Reason and also much cheaper at €80 per year (launch offer at €50), although quite different in approach

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