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Want to talk about music hardware or software that doesn't include Reason?
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Post 25 May 2023

DaveyG wrote:
25 May 2023
I immediately thought of bass amps because that was the "wisdom" when I were a lad. But that might be because bass amps were cheap and readily available in the local music shop, which was the only shop you used because there was no internet and you had no transport.

Mr Figg, buy a bass amp and play bass for some weeks/months. Then you can buy a synth and try it through your AC30, your bass amp and your monitor speakers.

As an aside, does anyone else wish they were 9 years old and had Mr Figg for a dad?
"Dad, can I have guitar lessons and play with your stuff?"

My dad thought music was evil and hated that I spent my clothing allowance on records. Even when I earned some money from music he refused to be impressed...
My mm and dad had a Ferguson record player with 16 2/3 and 78 rpm along with the usually 33 and 45. I actually have it away last year when I was home clearing the house after they died. The guy who got it had never played vinyl and didn’t know why the small ones were called singles.
Anyway, someone had given my folks hundreds of singles and lps from the 50s and 60s. Everything from Beatles to Stones to Sandy Shaw to Elvis to Jim Reeves etc. From the early age of about 4 or 5 they taught me how to work the record player and load 6 or 7 singles in the spindle so they’d drop down never been without a record player since. Nearly 50 years later.
And yeah…I guess my kids have got it good. I’m just glad when they go down and pick up an instrument instead of looking at TicToc :).
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