SuperBooth 2023 - My top picks

Want to talk about music hardware or software that doesn't include Reason?
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Post 14 May 2023

Picks in not a particular order

Make Noise Spectraphon double osc

Te digital tape recorder looper thing

Cunsa mixer looks fantastic

Soma utilities module

UDO Binaural Synth

Erica Synth Steampipe

U-HE Zebralette Vst prototype

Arturia Microfreak - Minifrak goes granular

Another freaking cool mixer, an effexcts tape module and a third module idk what does: Finegear - Modmix - Dirt Magnet

Video Synthesizer???

Out of Superbooth or let say somehow at/around...

Beatmaker Sucofunk /

Behringer Pro-800
Can be ordered already at Thomann

Jeannie got a new cool case from Erica Synth... maybe there will be a V23 version as it happened for the LXR1?? ... nnie-case/

I-m sure I missed something. AE modular seems not to have been present this year.... but it is working and releasing new modules as part of the new small and cheaper then Eurorack format I love so much... :thumbup:

That-s it. What is your favourte Synth-Mixer thing you would get if it was available??
I like Sucofunk, a bit ruff but I endorse the concept...
And Makenoise Spectra- thing of course...
Whilst the two mixer concepts, I would very like to get them in some sort into a Rack Extension somehow...

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Post 15 May 2023

Heck yeah! Particularly interested in Spectraphon and Zebra3 myself. Teenage Engineering... is a fascinating company to observe. I have zero interest in their products as they are so absurdly cost-prohibitive, but they do make aesthetically beautiful things and I am glad they exist.
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Idd the Spectraphon seems interesting.. She created a lot of shtty sounds and noises, but with good programming and shaping it could probably generate interesting sounds...RE as a good synth concept of just an FX would be appreciated...
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Some interesting stuff but I'm struck by how bad some of those people are at demonstrating their own products!

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