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Post 05 Jan 2023

Hey RE developers.
So my biggest problem with reason standalone is the lack of a good gui based utility to generate custom remote maps for your controller.
So i request RE devs to please create this utility.
We have enough REs, players, devices etc.

The most jarring omission in reason is a midi controller mapping utility.

Ideally it should be two parts.
Part one should be a wizard like utility.
It asks for basic controller information like controller name, controller company.
It asks how many buttons,encoders etc does the controller have, it has midi learn so that you keep pushing the buttons and rotaries and it learns the controller, gives the control a generic name, which you can rename.
After this it saves the generated codec.

Part 2 of this utility asks for the codec, so you give it your generated codec, from which it makes a list of all the controls on your controller.
Then it asks which buttons to use for layers/ select the buttons from the drop down list of controls(which it has made from the codec)

Then it gives you the option to add new device click add, then specify device name, group names, then it gives you empty text fields. Which you fill out.
And it generates the map. Which you copy paste into your map.
Then you continue to add devices in this utility and type in text fields and it generates the map.
Which you copy and paste into your main file.
Thats it after a couple of hours you have your controller properly mapped to all the devices you have.

I know it sounds like too much to ask from the developers, but it is very much needed.
And of course it could be a paid utility too.

But somebody needs to develop this.

If some dev would like to try this, please do.

Edit - I'll take a shot as it myself. Hopefully it works

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Post 06 Jan 2023

Since there's no electricity in my house today, i just wrote a simple html file on my phone to generate the header for the map file.
Similarly we could add different device map text input fields to this and it would generate a proper controller map.

Its just a simple html file, open it in your browser and test, it will generate the header text for the map file.

The point of generating text this way is to eliminate errors caused by tabs spaces and new line characters.

Its a little difficult to do this on a phone, I'll do this properly on a computer when power comes back on.
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Post 06 Jan 2023

Deja vu time...


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