How to create PO Tonic transfer files without Microtonic???

Want to talk about music hardware or software that doesn't include Reason?
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Post 16 Nov 2022

How did he do it??? ... ohRXAI6oos

Microtonic is not a free app.... I bought the PO Tonic and I thought Microtonic VST app was free... I was wrong...
It's 99 our on their website and 120 on PLuginBoutique.
No BlakFriday...

I am looking for an app that can create transfer files...

There's ton of videos and links on the web with free sound packs...
But the only thing that can make the transfer files that I know of is the Microtinc app that costs 99 euros...

Only other web source discussing this I found on Reddit

On another site (may have been TE forums) several people did a lot of work to try to decode the audio dump format used by Microtonic/PO-32. I think it's some kind of FSK. They were able to recover the 0's and 1's but could not fully decode the protocol. So, so far, the only way to edit then send sounds/patterns is using Microtonic. The implication of that is that, yes, all those people with sound sets on YouTube must have had a copy of Microtonic to have created them.

From yt comments:

WHAT?? How does it sample... audio with a microphone... without quality loss... and we can't hear it.... ahhhhhh how does this black magic work?? Thank you guys so much for making amazing things possible. I can't wait to get my PO-32 and OP-Z in September!!!

The magic is that it's not samples! It's synthesis just like the VST, so what being transferred is the patch data with all the oscillator and filter settings, etc.


yes, with audio signals, just like modems in the early days of home internet connections.

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Post 16 Nov 2022

I think you need to pony up for the VST, it’s made by a one man studio not a massive corp, needs the support.

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Post 16 Nov 2022

First off, I highly recommend getting all of the Sonic Charge plugins. I bought the bundle even though I own the Echobode and Bitspeek REs. The VSTs add a few more features.

Microtonic is the absolute best synth drum machine out there.

And they do offer 20% discounts for owners of PO-35, PO-32, etc. ... 137-bundle

In a comment in that thread, Fredrik also mentions the PO-32.

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Post 16 Nov 2022

Jeez, I'd forgotten all about the PO32. I was intending to buy one and the Microtonic VST.

I want a PO33 as well. Which one to get first? :D

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