Any Roland TR/MC users here?

Want to talk about music hardware or software that doesn't include Reason?
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Post 15 Sep 2022

In case you missed it, Roland just dropped a couple of amazing updates for their MCX0X and TRXS devices. I have the 101 and 6S. And while they're kinda cool, and it's mildly amusing to program in a little beat and see it follow along with your song, there was always something missing from them that prevented them from being really useful tools for me (especially when I already have Reason).

TR got a random kit generator, FM drum modules and per-step trigger and ratchet probability, plus new master effects.
MC got a *full* synth editor for all 4 voices of each tone, with model and waveform selection, PWM, envelope and LFO controls, a MIDI CC routing matrix and more.

I fired them up last night before bed and for the first time everything just kinda clicked. Really impressive. Love it! Anyone else using?

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Post 15 Sep 2022

very cool. I have the tr8s. I was thinking about picking up a 101 for my jamming on the sofa setup.

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Post 15 Sep 2022

I used to own an MC-101 and a TR-6S and the latest Mc update means that I am keen to get one 2nd hand again. I'm weighing up whether it's worth spending the extra on the 707 though.

If they ever implement proper chromatic playing of the fm engine sounds then I'd be interested in the 6s again too.

The MC-101 has to be one of the best value for money boxes now it has sound engine editing!

Have fun đź‘Ť

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Post 15 Sep 2022

I have a TR8S which I love but which unfortunately has never been able to connect to any computer over USB. Should have taken it back to the shop but by the time I spotted the problem I was past the return window. And Roland’s USB implementation usually sucks anyway so I run it using MIDI DIN and audio jack outs only, which is bombproof.

I wonder if it’s possible to update via SD card instead of via USB?

EDIT answered my own question… yes it is. Good. Will do SD card update now, new firmware looks cool.

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