Who's Got a Reel to Reel Recorder?

Want to talk about music hardware or software that doesn't include Reason?
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Post 23 Jul 2022

I just saw a video today of a Mr. Tape USSR DJ, that was doing it with two R2R tape machines. It was a fun performance!

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Post 23 Jul 2022

motuscott wrote:
23 Jul 2022
Most of my stuff is backed up to TDK Type II.
There's a small problem rewinding...
I've got a few Type II's, but finding them unopened these days is a tall order. :lol:

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Post 23 Jul 2022

selig wrote:
23 Jul 2022

You got a pencil handy?!?
No, but I have a pen ...

(I wonder how the apple and pineapple fit into all of this, but I remember the Reason add with the pineapple shaker :mrgreen:).

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Post 23 Jul 2022

I still have a Nagra IV with crystal sync that works but currently serves as a decoration and a reminder of times passed... Have a few older low grade reel to reel recorders that work( also decoration)... my cassette 4 track I did 1000's of songs still works but the wow, flutter, and tape stretch issues of some of those recordings, take a bit of work to make them functional... The ones I chose to repair digitally were worth the effort though. Done my fair share of splicing tape on old Steinbeck film editing machines. I don't miss the process but it was all we had...
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Post 24 Jul 2022

Thanks for the insights folks. It's on it's way! Finger's crossed it arrives safe.

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Post 25 Jul 2022

Steedus wrote:
24 Jul 2022
Thanks for the insights folks. It's on it's way! Finger's crossed it arrives safe.
Great, I have MANY boxes of old tapes I’ve not heard for about 40 years that I’ll get right out to you! ;)
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