Microphone stand/tripod/arm for shock-mount - which is best for multi-purpose?

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Post 12 Jun 2022

I'm decided on getting the Rode Nt-1/AI Kit, but while it has a shock mount and pop filter, I still need something that holds it.

I'd mainly use it for vocals inside a car (until I don't have a sound proof room) [it does the trick, although not the most convenient, obviously]. Additionally, I might take it to various places, even outdoors (although that's not a must).

Stability, and what's best for the sound, has priority.

I welcome any help, for I know pretty much nothing about these. I can only guess, that clamping a microphone arm onto something inside a car might need some DIY.

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Post 14 Jun 2022

Alright, took me some time to do research, so I'll share what I found.

First off, these are very simply built stands, and if you have the time, skill, and tools, then DIY is very much possible. Otherwise they can seem a bit overpriced.

For multi-purpose, a tripod seems best.
The ones with the arm are more suitable for clamping onto a desk. Aka. mainly stuff like podcasting, gaming, etc. where a clean recording isn't mandatory. Or if you can clamp it onto something, it can be used elsewhere, too.
Stands with a round "foot" are yet again for desktops, or flat surfaces.
Then comes the stands' height: they can have a fixed height, or are adjustable, or none at all (aka. just the leg part and the screw on top). Not much to say there, the only thing that matters is how tall it has to be for you.
And of course there are the tall ones, that similarly to tripods, stand on 3 legs, are mostly used while standing, and are quite adjustable and flexible similarly to the arm ones.

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