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Post 26 Feb 2022

well had a good few hours with bitwig today.
I know id like it if only i could get it set up right :oops:
midi was working from my digitone but then stopped working, then i couldnt figure out what was wrong for ages, 100% sure it was all set up right. so i thought u know switch everything off and back on, guess what first time ever my laptop wont shut down, like 20 minutes just when im about to hold down the power button to force it down ( ive never had to do that before either) it switches off, when switching on it gave a windows message with a qr code ( never done that before ) and booted up fine. I start bitwig midi is now responding but the midi channels seem all wrong and it wont trigger my digitone ( cos its sending out on channel 13 instead of the one i choose )

anyway, its slick (bitwig) there seems to be loads of stuff i know ill like and im really keen to use it, but ffs...

anyway ill have a go again tommoz, like i say im kinda bummed as if it had just worked (midi) i really think id have clicked with bitwig.

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Post 26 Feb 2022

well eventually i got it all set up how i wanted...
but in reason i have the drum seq running my erica synths lxr02 and reason also plays my digi tone via players and the digitone is used as a midi controller too, then i use the octatrack for effects and samples and it feeds back to reason via an external sound card....

so although i think i could like and use bitwig,
i prefer reason. and its pretty much the built in players and the midi device that does it.

so another failed attempt at moving daws... although wile typing this im wondering if i could have all that in bitwig with rrp? i do quite like bitwig..

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Post 24 Mar 2022

This offer is still good BTW. Just used it today.

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Post 24 Mar 2022

If anyone is interested I have my Bitwig license up for sale - GBP 200 or USD 250. It is listed on knobcloud and kvr at the moment - it is an amazing DAW but I have too little time to mess around with more than one DAW.

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