Jlab Pro USB Mic and Reason

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Post 08 Jan 2022

Hey Guys :puf_smile:

I´ve recently wanted to switch to a USB Mic, which is why I bought the JLab Talk Pro USB Mic. It´s a driverless Plug&Play device and Win 10 recognises it.
It also works in about any audio recording software....but Reason.
It shows up in the Audio drivers list in Reason´s preferences but there doesn´t seem to be any signalflow towards any audio channel.
Could it be that Reason is only capable of recording via ASIO drivers and that my mic doesn´t use those (hence it being driverless)?

Can anyone help me out please?

Thx and have an awsome weekend :reason:

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Post 08 Jan 2022

You can try if Asio4All works for you to get this mic going. In any case you'll most likely have to use it anyway to create an aggregate device with your normal soundcard so you can get the output from Reason while using the mic, as reason does not support the use of multiple audio devices at the same time.
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