Want to talk about music hardware or software that doesn't include Reason?
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Post 19 Nov 2021

For Behles, that independence isn’t just for now. Sitting in the Ableton office, he elaborates on the company’s vision to never sell out
That statement seems like a dig at NI, Izotope and Propellerhead. The Venture Capitalists have been trying to buy Ableton and the answer has always been, a big no, according the founder. ... 234998440/

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Post 20 Nov 2021

Sounds like Propellerheads in the early days. As long as the vision is right and you sell enough, everything is fine and you can stay indipendent.
Reason12, Win10

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Post 20 Nov 2021

I thought that was an interesting read all around.

I think the quote that stood out the most for me was...

But Ableton’s focus lies in improving its software to stay current with music production technology, plus guarding its independence. “That feels very important to the culture of the place,” says Behles. “It’s not motivated by profit, basically.”

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Post 20 Nov 2021


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Another company is interested in IK.

If companies who are clueless about the DAW industry keep pissing all over it the advantages are we will remove our personal choices on what to work with.

Cockos and Image Line are on the safe list so far.

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Post 27 Nov 2021

Every company is after revenue you would have to be crazy to think anything else but it's the way they go about it that counts. Unfortunately there investment funds want a year on year return without fail and can sometimes completely mistake the requirements for improvements in favour of marketing.

Sexy new toys and easier access via subscription sounds great but bug fixes and stability improvements along with improvements in technological implementation is essential for software to remain viable to consumers.
VST 2.4 MIDI It's definitely on the list of todos
Using Reason since version 1 is R11 going to be my final version :shock:

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