USB cable length seems to matter

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Post 02 Oct 2021

As I struggle to get my Reason 11 find my Control Surface, it seems that when I look for the device to be recognized by Reason it only sees it when I use a short cable. Is there some threshold distance that I will be forced to deal with?

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Post 03 Oct 2021

I am not sure if there is any threshold, every case is specific. Midi USB usually can work well with 3 meter cables using USB ver 1.1. How many cables did you test it with? Maybe the long cables you used had some other flaws? The computer USB controller and port may also matter. Sometimes USB-3 ports (blue ones) won't work, 2.0 is preferable.

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Post 03 Oct 2021

I guess I should have indicated that the extra length was provided by a USB extension cable. I'll try to buy a brand new 10' -12' dedicated cord and see it's still a picky POS.

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Post 03 Oct 2021

USB cable length can become an issue when you start getting towards 5 metres an upwards but, tbh, a much bigger factor is USB cable quality. The cheaper ones can have cable that is less noise immune and poorer quality connectors. And as you've already mentioned, a extension cable is never a good idea because every plug/socket joint is an opportunity for poorer signal transfer. So buy a decent cable and make sure it is USB2 not USB1.

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Post 03 Oct 2021

"USB cable length seems to matter"
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