integrating tc helicon vk with a midi keyboard via R11

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i'm having a rough go at utilizing my TC Helicon Perform VK hardware with R11. It's a great little fx processor with echo, reverb, harmony and an app that allows you to download the vocal settings a a great variety of songs via your smart phone right into the hardware. the VK keeps you honest. if you're playing an E major and somewhere in between the G and G# it'll balance you off based on what it's being fed by an analogue synth or allegedly a MIDI keyboard too. there's a five pin port and I can get sound from the VK but it's definitely not keying off the MIDI keyboard. pun intended. I've had cats from helicon send me an IKEA like picture displaying the path the ins and outs are supposed to to be taking, but they won't comment of anything Reason based. i get that. i should be able to open an audio track and then a keyboard and the new handy dandy MIDI device should link them together. it never seems to connect. if anyone would be kind enough offer a theory on the chain I should follow from MIDI keyboard to VK to Reason and then out to my Scarlett 2i2 to the PA or amp I am all ears and will forever be in your debt. I think it's somewhere in the software that I'm goofing it up. I am dumb as a box of rocks, so if you are kind enough to reply, remember, I am american. bring it down to that level of stupid.

My chain is: m-audio keystation out with both a MIDI five pin to the VK and a USB to my MAC.
The VK: a mini-USB out to my Mac. Two 1/4 outs from ports 1 & 2 to Scarlett 212 with "line" selected vs "instrument." I have the direct monitor selection set to "off." The 48V isn't powered. XLR cable to the mic.
The 2i2: two 1/4" outs to my JBL sub which then goes to the speakers via XLR. The USB goes to my Mac.
In R11 I've opened an Audio channel first. It picks up a signal no problem. Then I picked a NN-XT misc. or other keyboard called "music 4 airports." that should be largely irrelevant. I slap that MIDI console on top of the NN-XT which indicates MIDI channel 1 is selected. "CV In" is on. the m-audio is listed as "MIDI USB" vs. "Transport" or "Perform VK MIDI out."
In R11 preferences I have chosen Perform- VK Midid In vs " M-Audio USB or "Transport" options available. Ditto in the MIDI Clock Sync with the same options. In "Control Surfaces" it sees the m-audio and has the Perform-VK listed under the Easy MIDI Inputs and it is "enabled." The 2i2 is listed as the "audio device" in the "audio" pane.
Back on the "Control Surfaces" page, one can chose between "standard" "aster keyboard input" and separated. I have selected "separated. It indicates that means there is an independent selection and Master Keyboard input.

My gut says I'm doing something wrong IN Reason. maybe the wrong device selected. Grateful for anyone willing to lend a hand.

cheers. sláinte. l'chaim.

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Essentially this is just a midi routing issue if I’m understanding you correctly. It seems your keystation doesn’t transmit midi over both the 5 pin and usb simultaneously, which is why you have to route through Reason in the first place. IMO The 5 pin is the best way to go if you’re doing anything in real time for latency reasons. However since that doesn’t seem to be an option here, it sounds like your issue within Reason is the external midi instrument (the device you drag into the rack, not in the preferences or advanced midi). Make sure you’re choosing the right port to your TC Helicon. Since it’s connected via usb you should be able to choose it as the out port on the external midi instrument.

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