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Hi all, I just noticed this "Hardware" forum and figured I'd cross-post. I'm looking for people willing to test my Rack Extension "Trigger Happy" which is designed to provide trigger out signals for use hardware gear that supports things like retriggering ADSR's. I wrote it to address a specific need I had with my Eurorack system when using it with Reason's MIDI Out device. I found that my ADSR's were often not retriggering when a new note was played if there were other notes immediately before it, or if notes were overlapping at all. Sometimes you want "Legato Mode," sometimes you don't! My device detects any new notes and outputs a trigger out, which can then be use with a MIDI Out device to send this trigger signal to your MIDI-to-CV converter, providing for much more reliable retriggering of your ADSR's. I'm sure clever musicians will find other uses for it, as well, but that is what I'm using it for.

I'm hoping to find some other testers to try it out and confirm that it works well with their MIDI-to-CV converters and their re-trigger-able ADSR's. I've so far tested on my own Eurorack system using a 2HP MIDI and a Hexinverter Electronique Mutant Brain MIDI-to-CV converter, and have had good success with my collection of ADSR312 modules by Nonlinearcircuits.

If you're interested, please follow up to this thread or private message me with the username that you use to sign into Reason with, and I'll add you to the list of testers!

Here is a screengrab of the current version of the module as well as a quick video demonstrating it.


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