Dreadbox Typhon mono Synth + DSp fx, worth it?

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Post 19 Aug 2021

My Typhon Firmwre 4.0 beta updates:

- so regarding Program/Preset change being broken via MIDI CC - that was user error. I forgot to turn it on via Typhon’s advanced CC settings. Oops! :lol: So this works fine via USB-MIDI & traditional 5-pin DIN as well. My bad.

- USB Audio does in fact seem to be locked at 44.8 KHz. This means if your host won’t accept 48 KHz, you’re stuck using the traditional analog quarter inch jacks. :shock: :puf_unhappy: Looks like us Akai owners are SOL.

- Still haven’t got USB-Audio to work in Ableton Live 10 Lite or Reason 11 and 12. I’m on Windows and my primary interface is an RME Babyface Pro that I usually run at 44.1 KHz, so that might be my issue. Going to try and switch to 48 KHz and see if I can get Typhon to play nice.

Anyone giving Typhon Firmware 4.0 beta a spin?

Last thing: Dreadbox does *NOT* answer their emails.
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